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Because we offer a range of services, including professional translations, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all pricing. A fair and accurate quote depends on a mutual understanding of the project in question, the desired level of service being requested, and the deadlines involved.  We can work hourly or by retainer; for gift packages, agencies or other businesses needing ongoing service – all depending on scope of work.  Please consult with each respective teacher, on the contact details provided on his/her page.


How to Get an Accurate Estimate

The best way for us to provide you an accurate quote is for you to send an e-mail to the teacher in question, as provided on his/her page on this site. If possible, include the following information in your project description: total length (if known); and deadlines. Upon receipt of your information, we will contact you to discuss any questions and to confirm when you will get our estimate of work.

Nina (Arabic, English)


Leo (Latin, English, Dutch)


Tina (Spanish, Serbian)





Hourly, Flat Fee, or Retainer

Different types of work and different types of clients require different ways to engage our services. We will be more than happy to discuss options that work best for us both.




Payment schedules:

Retainers and hourly arrangements are billed monthly, and payment is expected within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Flat- fee projects will have individual payment schedules developed, based on how many milestones are involved in the process. All flat- fee projects will require that a deposit be received prior to commencement of work – unless otherwise agreed with the teacher in question.


Payment methods:

We accept payments via Western Union- unless another arrangement is reached with the teacher.


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