Welcome to Mind Your Lingua


We are a small group of professionals and academics, who have gathered to launch our own online school of languages: Mind Your Lingua. We are a diverse and colorful group of enthusiasts, and have varied backgrounds.

Please visit our independent pages here to meet each and every one of us. We offer specialized and tailor-made classes; targeting the following languages, and for competitive prices:

* English (for non-native speakers) – Teachers: Leo and Nina

* Arabic (for native and non-native speakers) Teacher: Nina

* Spanish (for non-native speakers) Teacher: Tina

* Latin – Teacher: Leo

* Dutch  (for native and non-native speakers) – Teacher: Leo

* Serbian (for native and non-native speakers) – Teacher: Tina



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2 responses to “Welcome to Mind Your Lingua

  1. That’s great – but I can’t figure out how you price your online classes, when they meet, how they meet (live or archived blogs, podcasts, etc.) Thanks!

    • Hi Binky,
      Thank you for visiting us! We will soon post more detailed information about our mode of operation and so on. For the time being, we are holding skype enhanced sessions (which can actually host conference sessions too). Interested individuals are invited to get in touch with the teacher of the language they would like to learn/practice, and get direct price quotations from them. We have been happy recently to engage with someone who was awarded 10-15 sessions, as a birthday gift by a close friend :)) This will also be included in our upcoming post on services.

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